momo getting jealous 8D

If Momo is jealous… Captain will make a scene with Miya

During Buono’s corner on Hello! Pro Time


They were going to apologize for things they had done, because they’re starring in a movie called “Gomennasai” (“I’m sorry”). And Momo (being Momo) was apologizing for…

I’m sorry for being too cute.

But Miyabi just pushed her away cold-heartedly

I love Miya so much for this!

OMG! Miya & Chisato are so mean~~ I love them!
Miya takes so much fun to nag Momo!
Miya (*o*)

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Buono! desu~~~

Buono! desu~~

Buono! desu~~

Buono! desu~~

Buono! desu~~

Buono! des… Ehhhhhh!!!!