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I was so happy when I saw their outfits for MCountdown’s red carpet!

I’m so thankful towards their stylists this time (do you all remember the time when they were in Korea for Asia Song Festival… well, Berikore concert’s outfits were really…. weird)!

So thank you stylist-san!

It’s cute, beautiful, coordinated, trendy and each member had an outfit that suits their own style!

It represents Berryz so well!!

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Today it’s Risako’s 20th birthday!

Finally, she is an adult and so all Berryz are adults! I’ve waited this birthday for 5 or maybe 6 years!

At that time I thought “it’d be funny to see the day Risako will be adult so Miya and her would go out for drinking.”.

I’ve always thought of MiyaxRii pairing as the most sister like since 2007 and even if, at that time, I wasn’t fond of Risako, I loved to see her with Miyabi! Their interactions were/are so cute, so caring, so sister like (but still my n°1 pairing is MiyaSaki)!

I love to see her with Maasa too! Mama & Baby~
And with Captain! And Chii, Yuri & Momo!

I hope she’ll have a great year with Berryz! I want to see a performance of her as an adult. Her last performance as a teenager was mind-blowing (I really hope you all saw Let it go! It was fantastic!).

Ah~ can I still call her “Baby-chan” now? Even if she is an adult, she is still the youngest within the group! So I can still call her that right?

Again, Happy birthday Baby-chan~

THIS! I think exactly the same thing!
I love this group so so so much! Berryz definitively is, has been and always will be my favorite group.

They are unique & irreplaceable for me!


Momo’s reaction when Miya was praising her

I had to make some gifs of Momo’s priceless reaction!

I just love this moment!

My SooVin feels are satisfied
During BREAK UP Making of

S : Kevin’s outfit is the coolest K : No!
Soohyun’s outfit is cooler!
S : If it’s true, then kiss me K : *kiss Soohyun’s cheek*
S : lol it was true!

I was completely spazzing when I saw that! I didn’t expect the kiss from Kevin (and I think Soohyun didn’t expect it too).
Soohyun’s reaction is just the best! He is literally fanboying over the fact Kevin just kissed him!
And Kevin? Look at how sweetly he kissed Soohyun!

It’s too cute for me!