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The hiatus announcement of Berryz Kobo has given a huge shock to the whole idol industry. In fact there are surprisingly many active idols who used to adore Berryz Kobo. A music journalist who knows a lot about idols explains “The members of Berryz Kobo are now 20 to 22 years old. At the time of their debut, they all were only 9 to 12 years old elementary school students. It was bit after Morning Musume and Mini Moni had become a phenomenon, and you could find many elementary schoolgirl fans at Hello! Project concerts. For those fangirls it was quite a wonder to see Berryz members of about the same age as themselves singing and dancing on stage as idols. And it would have been natural for them to dream of themselves becoming idols someday. For those elementary school girls Berryz Kobo was the true THEIR idol, since there’re few idol groups other than H!P back then.” In this connection, the elder members of Berryz Kobo, Shimizu Saki and Tsugunaga Momoko are in the same school year as Maeda Atsuko, Itano Tomomi (the ex-AKB48 members) and Takahashi Minami (the current general director of AKB). In a way they followed Berryz Kobo’s path starting from elementary school days and eventually they’ve become idols themselves. “If we didn’t have Berryz Kobo’s debut 10 years ago, there couldn’t have been as many idol candidates as we have today. I mean, today’s ‘idol boom’ owes a lot to Berryz Kobo actually. That’s why I think it’s really regrettable that such a great group is going to go hiatus” the music journalist says. Now the legendary idol group which laid the foundation for today’s idol boom has announced their hiatus, and an era seems to be ending.

(via 活動停止に衝撃!「アイドルブームはBerryz工房のおかげ」 (2/2ページ) - 芸能 - ZAKZAK)

Today I received the 2 regular editions of #berryz 35th single and now I have all of them!
I’m really happy because I’ve got Maasa twice (*o*).

Is it destiny🌠?

Even if Miya is my ultimate oshi, Maa is my oshimen #2 (with Captain).

Miyabi is love~💛 (& fashion💅)
Maasa is love~💜 (& manga📚)
Saki is love~💚 (& ice cream🍦)
Chii is love~💙 (& food🍜)
Risako is love~💖 (& hairstyle💇)
Yurina is love~💗 (& maccha🍵)
Momoko is love~💓(&…. yurushite nyan😺)

Berryz is LOVE~~~ 💞💕(←7❤)

💝~Love is always inside of Berryz fans~💝

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It’s VMAJ today and thanks to this we are able to see our lovely Berryz on red carpet! It’s already the second time we have this chance this year!

This time, Yurina isn’t here because of some schedule conflicts…
For me Berryz with just 6 members is so weird… It feels incomplete!

When I first saw the photo for VMAJ photobooth I instantaneously thought “Wow cute but wait… Where is Berryz Sky Tree? Where is Yurina?”. They are kind of even in term of height when Yurina is not here… but I really love when we see the big height gap between her and Onesanz pairing!

Fuutsu, Idol 10 nen outfits are cute but I was expecting something else.But they are really “Berryz-like” so I’m happy!

Ah… it’s really sad, the ustream doesn’t work here in France… I can’t wait to see their performance!

It’s funny… I said on twitter “If there is a live of this song with an orchestra, I will cry”.

Well, here we are with a live with an orchestra and I really cried (not a river but some tears definitively fell down).

This is so crazy. I never imagined to really see something like this.
I love it so much! This perf is just magic!
And the choreography is really what I wanted to see for this song.

I really hope the MUSIC JAPAN perf (with Yurina) will have an orchestra too! This is the perfect way to convey the song!

This song deserve a MV with an orchestra too. This song deserve a really great MV, a never seen MV (in Hello! Project). This song deserve something really big!

I was disappointed with the MV of Fuutsu, idol 10 nen yatterannai desho!? (I’ll write about it later) but I really don’t want to be even a tiny bit disappointed with Ai wa itsumo kimi no naka ni’s MV.

I really hope my mind will be blown by this MV otherwise it’ll be such a waste!

Oh my… I’m so so so proud of Berryz and to be a Berryz fan!

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How can a single can be (so far) so perfect?

Ai wa Itsumo Kimi no Naka ni’s outfits are just perfect! They suit the song and Berryz are perfect with them!

These profiles make me really speechless. They are just that good!

I really like the sweetness of Futsuu, Idol 10nen Yatterannai Desho’s outfits (Miya is sure lovely in pink and Maasa (♥o♥)).

The gap between these two songs (and their respective outfits) is really interesting!

I love the two songs, I love their outfits -> Next : Covers, MVs & choreographies!